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Van Cleef & Arpels

Louis Vuitton




Galerie Florence de Voldère

Ambassade de Suisse à Paris

L'Effet Média

Les Auberts (Chateau en France)


Dom Pérignon


Musée de l'Hôtel-Dieu

Théâtre du Petit Miroir


dinh van

Stephen Webster

Le Livre de Poche

Nuun Jewelry

Nana Fink

Film Production:

1996 - Jolie Collier

Tzu Chen Chen's approach to photography has always been unconventional, blending eastern and western culture, and employing elements of painting, costume design, sculpture and graphics. Her works often incorporate intricate layers of images and her colors are always bold. She embraced the digital revolution early and harnesses the power of computers to add mystery and magic to her work. She travels frequently in Europe, Asia and North America, taking photographs that serve as raw material for the finished images she crafts later.

Equally at home as a fine artist and a commercial studio photographer, Tzu Chen Chen splits her time between her own projects and work for clients, primarily in France's luxury goods industry. Much of her studio work focuses on jewelry, where she blends a sense of classical style with a touch of spice and drama. Clients include Cartier, Louis Vuitton, and Van Cleef & Arpels. Her personal work, in contrast, explores the dreamy ambiguities of emotion and the subconscious. Since September 2019 she paints again!


2020 - Galerie frontofbicycle, Basel, Switzerland

2019 - Galerie frontofbicycle, Basel, Switzerland

2018 - Galerie frontofbicycle, Basel, Switzerland

2007 - Galerie Verdier, Paris France

2006 - Salon de Mont Rouge, Montrouge, France

2005 - l'Institut Français, Bucharest, Romania

2005 - Galerie Untitled #1, Paris, France

2005 - l'Institut Français, London, UK

2004 - Galerie Moulin du Roc, Niort, France

2002 - Musée de L'Erotisme, Paris, France

2001 - la Mairie du 10ème , Paris, France

2000 - Passage du Retz, Paris, France

2000 - Galerie La Laverie, Arles, Paris

1998 - Musée de L'Erotisme, Paris, France

1997 - Galerie Moulin du Roc, Niort, France

1997 - Fine Art Museum in Taipei, Taiwan

1995 - Galerie Sarah Dobbs, Vancouver, Canada

1995 - International Art Fairs, Stockholm, Sweden

1993 - Galerie Jorge Alyksqwichy, Paris, France

1993 - Salon Les Artistes Franç aise, Paris,France

1992 - Galerie Georges Bac, Paris, France

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